Come, stay, go.


Would you like that for here or to go?

The Kilauea Bakery & Pau Hana Pizza is one of the gathering places in our small town.
That town would be Kilauea, Kauai, the most northern inhabited point in the Hawaiian island chain. It’s just us humans and thousands of seabirds soaring above the cliffs and
the lighthouse at the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge.

They said you’ve got to open up to the internet. We wondered, what should we serve?
You can’t smell the coffee there. You can’t taste the pizza.

Welcome to the internet location of the Kilauea Bakery & Pau Hana Pizza.
Go brew up the beverage of your choice. Don’t spill it on your computer. We’ll work up some reading material or let you into the back of the house and show you the ropes.
There must be some recipes around here that we can share.

We’ll think of something as soon as we figure out how to tweak the buttons
and pages offered by the blog company, WordPress.

Aloha, Tom Pickett, Chef/Blog Avatar at your service

Kilauea Bakery & Pau Hana Pizza
in the Historic Kong Lung Center
2484 Keneke st.
Kilauea, Hi 96754

  1. Greetings from Oahu,
    Sending huge helpings of Aloha
    Your way….hope everyone is well
    & staying happy be it surfing,exploring,
    Eating large helping of what’s on offer
    From the Worlds Best Bakery……
    Always Give Aloha live Aloha

    • Thanks Dan, Just checked Pine trees, Waicoco’s and a spot we can’t mention over the air. I’m hitting the unmentionable spot! That is… after I get the soup made at the bakery. Aloha, Tom

      • Tom:

        Many thanks for the recipe. Will try it out and let you know how it goes


  2. Hey,Tom – Are you interested in being contacted by other people who are contacting me on Linkedin

  3. Whoa! Nice website…just wondered how you were enjoying the set of peppermills you ordered from us. Did you know there is wholesale pricing available? We have lots of restaurants using and selling our peppermills.

    Aloha, wish I was there, it’s snowing today here:-p

  4. Hey Thomas, I wanted to send you a commercial i wrote for Kauai Nut Roasters…. Nut as cool as some of your videos, because after they got done stomping on my words, this is what they picked up off the cutting room floor, but then i couldn’t find you as friend on facebook anymore, what happened??
    Much alohahahaha, renee

  5. Aloha, Tom! It as great seeing you and catching up – and I am so relieved that you conquered that horrible malady. Pl;ease tell Rebecca I am sorry we didn’t connect. Maybe next time. And please also email me your address so I can send my last cd to you guys.
    John Cross

  6. My husband and I stayed in Kilauea last month at Karen and Conrad’s Hale O Kuawa – and enjoyed your Billie Holliday Pizza more than once. I’d love to get a Kilauea Bakery tee shirt – can you tell me how?

    • I’m not real good at packaging and shipping. I fact I’m terrible at it. If you think Karen or Conrad might put something in the mail to you you could let me see if I’ve still got the size and variety. I would be a regular tee or women’s tank. I’m glad you like the Pizza, it’s our favorite too.

      Aloha, Tom

      • Well – I don’t want to assume they would be willing to do that – how about you tell me, first off, what sizes you have left in both – any mediums or larges? And how huge (or tiny) do they run? Then I could email Karen. Though of course, tees are not fragile. I wonder if anyone has ever asked you to do this …… could it be I’m the first? So anyway, mahalo for checking that out for me.

  7. Sitting here eating my leftover version of my take on the Billie Holiday – we use Indian Candy (smoked and lightly sweetened salmon), kale, roasted onions, roasted garlic with gorgonzola and mozz – realizing how much better you do it. Something about eating your pizza after a day diving at Tunnels makes it some of the best pizza in the world. In the meantime, I’m content to gaze at my underwater screen saver and dream. Looking forward to our next visit.

    • Thank you for the wonderful compliment. Your pizza sounds pretty great too. I’d love to taste the smoked salmon in your neck o’ the woods. The sauce on the Billy Holiday is a creamy gorgonzola dressing. No Tomato sauce. The dressing is the thickness of Ranch dressing seasoned with Gorgonzola, garlic, italian herbs and salt and pepper. If you want the recipe I’ll send it, it’s four gallons. :)

      • I’d love to see that creamy gorgonzola recipe too! Your Billie Holliday pizza was our favorite too. Also would still love to hear whether you still have any Kilauea Bakery teeshirts available!

  8. Great oatmeal raisin cookies.

  9. Hei! We finally made it find You! :_) Yes, we were told we gonna love it – but it so much more! We SEE this place being the space of great spirit and joyfullness. It is so great for us, travellers around the World, find the space of smiling peace!
    We are in Kauai by advice of our friend Hokshila :) might be You know him for a while already :) coming directly from Reno Bachata Festival, Nevada, USA.
    We might give Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Kizomba (Africa)dance lessons for privates and groups. Any time and any location we are available till January 26, 2012. Then we will leave for DC but with the strong will to be back asap :) Of course we love it here!!!
    We are staying in Anini Beach and might be reached by email or text msg: +370 656 77269, +370 603 57776. Giedre and Sarunas SOULS

  10. Hi i am having a cup of Coffee on the east coast with my (1 of 2 left) kilauea coffee mugs. The reason why im looking u up! Is it possible to purchase more. Unfortunately im not able to sit outside w ur great mac nut muffins, and aloha spirit. Missing the island. Judy!

    • Hi, Thanks for thinking of us. It might take me a few days to get to it. Which cup do you have? The one we have now is about a 16 oz. kind of low and wide mouthed brown one with our name on it. Aloha, Tom

  11. thank you!

  12. Aloha, Tom:
    I have to just say, I enjoy reading all the goings on here on this website. I feel like I’m reading local chit-chat of the goings on here in Kilauea Bakery Town. Makes me drink my tea a little slower and smile a little wider. I almost can smell the bread baking. Aloha…Thanks!

  13. Visiting from Chicago…happy to be here!

  14. Love your coconut macaroons and macademia cookies. But what about getting them sent to Birmingham, Alabama? Will they still be good on arrival? How much money? Aloha.


  15. Thank you for adding Gluten free food to your menu!

  16. We come here every time we are on the island!

    • We love the bakery as much as beautiful Kauai!. An old favorite mac -nut orange cranberry muffin w coffee to go, visit the mystical beauties of the lighthouse lookout and North Shore. Be sure to leave some crumbs for the birds!!! Aloha, we miss you from Danvers, Mass

  17. Aloha! We love Kilauea Bakery! Do you have gift certificates? Have friends visiting the island over Christmas. Would be a perfect gift for them!


  18. Ciguatera case. Need help for my brother. Mr Pickett if this reaches you please contact me?

  19. a beautifully inspiring inviting setting for writing!

  20. Awesome place and a rocking hot weather.Thanks for the free WIFI.!!

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